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Facebook emoticons,Emoticon Facebook,Emoticons Facebook are a quick way to show your feelings, a lot of Facebook fans think that these "punctuation marks" are useful, even a must-have item, in FB chat. During a face to face conversation, individuals have body gestures and tone of voice to enable them to show, emphasize, and enhance their true thoughts and feelings. In online chat, however, the individual you're actually talking to cannot see you. Since your body language and modulation of voice are of no use, how do you show your emotions and feelings, your perspective and mood? There seems to be no better way than through use of smileys emoticons. These little pictures might help deliver your full message.

I'm saying that with sarcasm in my voice."As shown, smiley emoticons are essential in Facebook chat simply because they help relay the entire meaning of your statement in a more effective way.Articulating Your Thoughts with Facebook Emoticons Today, there are 26 known Facebook emoticons. Here's the complete list of Facebook emoticons.
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